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18th National Technical Symposiyum – COMBLAZE 2k19 On 19th August 2019, 18th National Technical Symposiyum was conducted by Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology in MAM College Of Engineering.

The core aim of the event was on exhibiting the technical Knowledge and Skills of Computer Science and Engineering & Information Technology students.

About 182 Computer Engineering and Arts and Science Students participated from 30 Colleges in “Comblaze2019”. Initially, the events started off with a Colourful and grand inaugural ceremony headed by the Secretary and Correspondent of M.A. M College of Engineering Dr. M.A. Mohammed Nizam.

Technical Symposium was started with (Prayer) Kirath and followed by lightening of the lamb Mr.Mohammed Nawshath Ali (Project Manager at AI Watania for Industries,Saudi Arabia) Welcomed the gathering and gave an energetic welcome address and highlighted the origin of COMBLAZE, about Artificial Intelligence and Telecom sector. Also motivated the Students toStrengthen and their Knowledge to overcome business related issues towards Technology. He released the magazine and highlighted the importance of attitude for a student who would be the future employee of a company.

The Presidential Address was given by Dr.S.Ravimaran, Principal M.A.M. College of Engineering and discussed the Ways to improve the growth rate of Information technology Employees, To enhance the Skills of students, To ignite Team work, interaction among people and relationship with other colleges. The introduction of the office bearers and felicitation address was given by Mrs,J.Chitra the Head, Department of Computer Science of Engineering.

The symposium comprised of Technical events THINK WITH TECH, BLACK CODE, TRIATHLON, SURF STRIDER, TECHTALK, LINK IT, TASTE THE TALK, GRAZY SYMPOLS, SHERLOCKED, ROWTHIRAM PAZHAGU, PUBJ,FUN GAMES. A lot of interest was seen among all the student participants.

At the valedictory function, The Principal Dr. S.Ravimaran and The Director Prof.U.S.Sarvadayaparan addressed the gathering and also emphasized on the step by step growth of a student to become a perfect employee and his self-development. Few Students provided their feedback about the events. Finally the prizes and certificates were distributed by the Principal and The Director for the various events organized in the symposium. The overall Trophy Winner was Bishop Heber College, Trichy. The Function ended with Vote of Thanks followed by National Anthem.

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