Graduation 2016 M.A.M College of Engineering

The Fourteenth Graduation Day of the M.A.M. College of Engineering located at Siruganur, Tiruchirappalli. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for being invited to speak today on this wonderful occasion.  Students are going to define the future of the dynamic era in the world.  He thanked all the parents for the creating a good graduands.  He shared the vitality of the engineering education in the world around us. He shared the support from the parents and family while he started to his GRE examination, scholarship, and Visa process etc., At the engineering college phase he was inspired by a Radio Technicians.He wants students should work hard and disciplined way to reach the desire goals.

Then He shared the views on Business Journey and Job fulfillment.  He narrated the experience of his project experiment in Cell Phone Wifi. When he started a project, they created received lot of questions from the investors and funding agencies. He wants student should cultivate habit of reading or listening great leaders and business leaders in the world.  While he was in the company his thoughts are in the main component of Invent, Build and Contribute. Curiosity is word should in the mind while doing a invention and innovation in the area of science and technology.  He narrated the area of Internet of Things and its applications like connecting cars, pacemakers etc., He explained the application of autonomous car and its uses.  He told robots are raw intelligent species. To conclude every student should have passion for what they do? Go to a job with good management company, and start a entrepreneurship firm in your expert domain.  He laid a importance of successful life and fulfillment life in the technology era. He gave away 525 graduands degree certificate and inclusive of 7 gold medalist and 7 university rank holders from the various disciplines of Engineering and Management studies. Director Prof. U.S. Sarvadayaparan, read the pledge and graduands took the pledge. Principal dissolve the function in order with the National anthem.

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